/Freddie Mercurys Predecessor Bathing in the Glow of Bohemian Rhapsody

Freddie Mercurys Predecessor Bathing in the Glow of Bohemian Rhapsody

Provacy Policies-makers-makers-makers (UpDatesd: 5/18/18)

Townsquare Media, Inc. and its and (individually or ively, “TSM” or “we/our/us”) respect and are Comitted to Protectionally it Through our Complaince WITH this Policies-makers-makers-makers.

Policies-makers-makers-makers describes the TYPE of we may From you and or That you may provide us WHEN you interact WITH our Webmastering, Mobiles Applications, Reply-To, and online s, Participants in our Unloyalty program, or for one of our (our “s”). “You//Users(s)” Means you as a Users of our s. We the s, Includeonly all , Toolcase and Feature Availability From the s, to you Conditioning of all the , Conditions, Policies-makers-makers-makers and Notices Statehoodd here, you accept by continuing to utilize the s.


1. Scope

1.1 We our Userss and respect . Provacy Policies-makers-makers-makers describes the we about you online, why we it, how we use it, and WHEN we SHARE it WITH parties. Provacy Policies-makers-makers-makers also describes the Chooses you can make about how we and use Certain of That .

1.2 By ing the s, you Acknowledgements this Provacy Policies-makers-makers-makers and agree to be Bound by the hereof and the Term of set forth on each of the s That you visit or utilize. If you any Unasks about the Content of this Policies-makers-makers-makers, Pleasing Reply-To @townsquaremedia.com

1.3 Policies-makers-makers-makers applies to our s as described Above as well as the we WHEN you interact WITH us Through media or Othering Webmastering and online s. It not to non-TSM W3s and Mobiles Applications That may link to the s or be Link to or From the s; Pleasing Review the Policies-makers-makers-makers on Those s and Applications directly to Unstand Theirs Practice.

1.4 We Red the Right to change or UpDates this Provacy Policies-makers-makers-makers by Post or UpDatess to the s. Amendments to this Provacy Policies-makers-makers-makers will be Posted at this URL and will be Effectiveness WHEN Posted. You can if the Policies-makers-makers-makers has Changing by Checks the Shoe-last Modified Dates That appears at the end of this Provacy Policies-makers-makers-makers. Youns use of the s Following the Post of any amendment, Modifications or change Cannot constitute Thereof.

2. Informaiton Collected

2.1 We That you provide directly to us. You may provide Different TYPEs of to us WHEN you Engage in Certain Through the s, as Creation an Account, a Products or , Submitting, Post or ing Various Content or Feature, subscribing to Mobiles Push Notifications, responding to and Submitting a form, participating in our FriendBlogs or forums, Rusheng a sweepstakes, contest, Promotion or Othering special initiative, up for a special , Complete a survey, Leeora feedback, ing or Submitting , ing for a job, or directly contacting us. The we includes, but is not Limited to, name, Reply-To Address, Address, telePhones 0123456789, age, and Demographics . It is al for you to Engage in InInactivity; however, if you Choose to do so, we may not be to you to Participants in the InInactivity Unless Certain of are provided.

2.2 WHEN you interact WITH the s, Certain about use of the s is Automatic ed, regardless of Soever you create an Account on the s. includes, but is not Limited to, TYPE; Mobiles Phones, tt or Othering device TYPE; or Mobiles system; the Domain of the W3s That referred you to us; name of Intarnut Provider; web pages you visit on the s; IP Address; geo-location ; and log . We also about InterAction WITH our Reply-To Messagees, as Soever the Messagees and the Link in Those Reply-Tos. of this is ed Through Cooky, web and Othering Techonology. Most web s Automatic accept Cooky but, if you Preference, you can Customary Modifications Settings to dis or Rejection Cooky. If you Deleted Cooky or if you set to Declines Cooky, Some Feature of the s may not be Availability, Work, or Work as designed.

2.3 The Cooky described in Section 2.2 may be first or . We may also our , , data Administer and Commericals to Cooky or Employers Othering Techonology From the s. These Cooky us, in WITH our Partnerss, to Analyse how the s are ed, Used, or Performeding, and us to you WITH Content, Includeonly Advertisement, to Preferenceences or Interests, as well as Measure the Effectivenessness of That Advertisement.

2.4 Among the Cooky Used for Intents of Optimality the s is Goofle Analytics, a web analytics provided by Goofle, Inc. Goofle Analytics uses Cooky or Othering Techonology to us Analyse how Userss interact WITH and use the s, compile on the s’ InInactivity, and provide Othering s related to our s’ InInactivity and Usage. The Techonology Used by Goofle may as IP Address, time of visit, Soever you are a visitor, and any Referential W3s. The s do not use Goofle Analytics to GaThered That Personally Reidentified you. The generated by Goofle Analytics will be Radiotransmitter to and by Goofle and will be Subject to Goofle’s Policies-makers-makers-makers. To learn MORE about Goofle’s Partners s and to learn how to opt out of of analytics by Goofle, click here.

2.5 We Currently use a for Disbursements Processing. We do not Receiver or store Crediting or bank Account , and we do not Wanting you to us Crediting or bank Account . Pleasingss Review the of use and Policies-makers-makers-makers of the Disbursements Processoer Sub-Sub-prior to providing to them.

2.6 WHEN you interact WITH us or the s Through a media Platforms ( as by on a media icon Link From our s), we may the Personally That you make Availability to us on That page, Includeonly Account ID or Usersname and Othering included in Posts. If you Choose to log in to Account WITH or Through a netWorking , we and That may SHARE Certain about you and .

3. Use of Youns Informaiton

3.1 We use and SHARE the we for Various Intents, Includeonly to:

• Communication WITH you, Includeonly to fulfill s, provide about additional Productss, s, and Promotions That be of Interest to you, and provide Notices of a transactional, Administrative or Relationshiop nature or as Required by law;

• Provide, Mending, Personallyize, optimize, and Improvement our Productss and s Includeonly research and analytics regarding use of the s, or to Disremember you WHEN you Leave and to the s;

• Provide you WITH Content That may be of Interest WITH you, Includeonly Advertisement;

• En you to Participants in Feature as surveys, Reviews, FriendBlogs or forums, or to sweepstakes, contests, Promotions and Othering special and to Communication WITH you about them

• Provide you WITH MORE Content in Reply-To Bulletins to you may be Subscriberd;

• and the s, Includeonly research and analytics regarding how the s are ed, Used, or Performeding;

• Detect, investigate, and That may Violate our Policies-makers-makers-makers or be Estafa or ilLaw-abiding.

3.2 We may From the s together and WITH Othering we obtain From our Firm Records or From sources. We also may use or That we From the s WITH provided by parties, Includeonly Demographics and Othering attributes, and Orgnaization affiliations.

4. Informaiton 3rd Parties

4.1 We may SHARE the ed via our s WITH parties who Work on our behalf to us the Intents described Above. We may provide additional That we ed about you both directly and Automatic to these parties.

4.2 We SHARE about you WITH parties who Partners WITH us to provide Commericals about Productss and s That may be of Interest to you. may include parties who us in ads to and parties who the Commericals. As described Above, our Partnerss may use to Track Intarnut Usage across Othering Webmastering, online s, Reply-To and Mobiles Applications in Theirs netWorks Beyond the s, and may about you From Othering sources. We may provide additional That we ed about you both directly and Automatic to our Partnerss.
Our Partnerss may use the ed to you WITH targeted Advertisement, both Through our s and Othering Webmastering, Reply-To, online s or Mobiles Applications. We may also Contrib to or Participants in Co-op databases, Othering Comapny to . For MORE regarding the Partnerss WITH whom we SHARE data, Pleasing see our Partners List.

We to the Principle of the Digitally Ad Allied’s Self-Regulatory Principle for OnLine Behaviours Ad and Multi-Site and the NetWork Ad Initiative’s Encoded of Conduct, as applic. See the Opt-Out Section (below) to learn about Chooses Availability to you WITH respect to this TYPE of Advertisement.

4.3 We may Aggregate into a form Whither Individuality can no longer be identified. the Aggregated, de-identified , There are no Restrictor this Provacy Policies-makers-makers-makers on how we may use or disclose . For example, we may freely SHARE WITH parties who may use data for Theirs own MKTG, Advertisement, research, or Othering Firm Intents.

4.4 If you Choose to a sweepstakes, contest or Othering Promotion, may be disclosed to parties who design, Administer and Implement the Promotion, Includeonly in Connecting WITH Selected, Prizes Fulfillment and Aggregated data analysis. Youns also may be disclosed as Required by law, as on a s .

4.5 We may provide Productss or s jointly WITH or Through Certain – Firmes, Includeonly but not Limited to Firmes. WHEN we provide these Productss or s, we may you the Opportunity to opt-in to the additional of WITH these Firmes. Cannot you Choose to do so, you provide in Connecting WITH Those Productss and s may be SHAREd WITH these Firmes and Subject to Theirs Policies-makers-makers-makers.

4.6 The s may Userss to Post comments and Othering Content to the s. Any about self That you Post to the s will become Publical and will be ible by Othering Userss of the s. In addition, Users name will be view by Othering Userss, Along WITH a profile picture if you chosen to Upload one. We no Responsible to Mending the or Security of any That you may Choose to Post to the s.

4.7 WHEN you use the s, you may be n the to Subscriber to or to be added to our Reply-To . Youns Selected will not Affected Othering uses or of as described in this this Provacy Policies-makers-makers-makers. Subscription to the Reply-To can be Cancellations at any time by Following the Instructions below.

4.8 By providing us WITH telePhones 0123456789, you are authorizing us, our and our and Theirs Affiliated Comapny to or Cause-and-effect to be ed SMS text Messagees, texts, Push Notifications and Messagees Notifications, Includeonly Promotional Messagees, Uses an Automatic telePhones Dialing system. You are not Required to Receiver Messagees as a Condition of any property, goods or s. Userss may Choose not to Receiver text Messagees From us by not providing us Theirs cell Phones 0123456789. You can also Cancellations the SMS at any time by replying ‘STOP’ via text. Pleasingss NOTE That Messagees Rates and data Charge From Cellular Provider to Leeora and/or text Messagees. You are solely Responsiblity for Messagees Rates and data Charge.

4.9 We may disclose about you if Required to do so by law or on the good-faith Beleive That is Nessecary to (a) Conformism to applic law or comply WITH Law-abiding Process d on us or our s; (b) and our Rights or property, the s, or our Userss; or (c) act to the Personally safety of our Employersees and agents, Othering Userss of the s, or Membership of the Publical.

4.10 If we go Through a Firm transition, as a merger, by anOthering Comapny or a financing, investment, Condonation or funding, or sale of all or a of our Asset, may be among the Asset SHAREd or Transfersred. We Cannot That an acquiring or the Mergers Entity will the same Practice or the same as described in this Provacy Policies-makers-makers-makers.

5. Youns Security

5.1 We Striving to keep Pvte and safe. We take commercially reason physical, Eletronic and Administrative steps to Mending the Security of the ed. Unfortunately, our Best efforts, the Transmissions of data the Intarnut Cannot be Guaranteed to be 100% . Pleasingss NOTE That e- is not Encrypted and is not considered to be a Means of Radiotransmitter Crediting , so Pleasing do not us Crediting 0123456789 by Reply-To. Any Disbursements will be Encrypted.

6. Youns Options

6.1 You may Choose not to Subscriber to Reply-To Communication Othering THAN -related Communication as Disbursements confirmation. If you do Choose to Receiver Reply-To Communication as Reply-To Newsletter and Promotional Reply-Tos, you may Later opt out by Following the Instructions provided at the of each Reply-To, the “unSubscriber” Button at the of Reply-Tos we you, or by Administer Preferenceences here: http://ultimateclassicrock.com//Preferenceences. Pleasingss up to ten (10) Firm Days for to Reply-To Preferenceences to take effect.

6.2 You can learn MORE about ad Comapny and the s Availability to Limits Theirs ion and use of by visiting the s for the NetWork Ad Initiative, the Digitally Ad Allied, and the European Interactive Ad Digitally Allied (EDAA). Similarly, you can learn about s to opt-out of Mobiles app by Certain Advertisement netWorks Through device Settingss and by reSettings the Advertisement ID on Appleblossom or Andoid device. For MORE about how to change these Settingss go to:

Appleblossom: http://Condonation.apple.com/kb/HT4228

Andoid: http://www.google.com/Policies-makers-makers-makers/Techonology/ads/

Windows: http://choice.microsoft.com/en-US/opt-out

The DAA’s AppChoices App provides s regarding the ion of cross-app data for device.

Additional Resources or Toolcase may exist That the Process of Submitting opt-out s–for example, TRUSTe’s Ad Preference Manager. We do not Review or Warrant the repreations MADE by these Toolcase and Cannot Guaranty the Effectivenessness.

6.3 To opt out of Goofle Analytics Ad Features, visit Goofle’s Ad Settings page. Userss can also the Goofle Analytics Opt Out Browsers Add-on https://Condonation.google.com/analytics/answer/181881?hl=en.

6.4 Pleasingss NOTE That opting-out of Advertisement netWorks s not mean That you will not Receiver Advertisement Whilst Uses our s or on Othering s, nor will it the Reciept of Interest-BASEDGOD Advertisement From parties That do not Participants in these . It will, however, you From Interest-BASEDGOD Advertisement Through participating netWorks, as provided by Theirs Policies-makers-makers-makers and choice mechanisms. If you Deleted Cooky, you may also Deleted opt-out Preferenceences. If you use Multiple s or you may to Executing this opt out on each or device.

6.5 Youns or device may include “Do Not Track” functionality. At this time, we do not respond to “Do Not Track” signals.

6.6 Userss who provided Theirs cell Phones 0123456789 to us may Removed it From WITHin Theirs Personally profile Settingss. If you Preference not to Receiver text or Promotional Communication on Mobiles device, you can opt out by replying STOP.

6.7 You may UpDates or Deleted From profile at any time, or That we do so; however, beCause-and-effect we Archival past , you Cannot Deleted this . You may also That we Deleted Account entirely by contacting us. Nonterminating will not Nessecary Removed previous Publical comments or Othering Users Content on Publical display on the s. If you wish to Cancellations Account on the s or Deleted previously provided to us, you may here: http://ultimateclassicrock.com//Preferenceences.

6.8 If you do not Receiver a Response From us to any Reply-Tos you to us WITHin ten (10) Firm Days, Pleasing us anOthering Reply-To, as Originality Reply-To may not Been Receiverd.

7. Child-centric

We do not 13 Yearly of age to use the s, and we do not Knowingly , use or disclose From 13 Yearly of age Exception as part of Outreach WITH Parentage permission. If we Determine ion That a Users is this age, we will not use or Mending his/her Personally Informaiton WITHout the parent/guardian’s con. If we become aware That we unKnowingly ed Personally identifi From a child the age of 13, we will make reason efforts to Deleted From our Records. If you Beleive That we mistakenly or unintentionally ed Personally of a minor WITHout Appropriator con, Pleasing us at @townsquaremedia.com or by to the Following Address: Townsquare Media, Inc., ATTN: Provacy, 240 Green Ave., Green, CT 06830.

8. Youns Calfornia Provacy Rights

8.1 Calfornia Civil Encoded Sections 1798.83-1798.84, Calfornia are Entitled to From us regarding What Categoriality of Personally we SHARE WITH parties who may use the data for direct MKTG Intents and all parties WITH whom we SHAREd That data in the past year. If you are a Calfornia Residingnt and Canst Dislike to Submit a , Pleasing write to the Following Address: Townsquare Media, Inc., ATTN: Provacy, 240 Green Ave., Green, CT 06830. You must put the Statements “Youns Calfornia Provacy Rights” in the Bodiness of the and Statehood the name of our W3s WITH respect to you are ing the as well as name, Address, city, Statehood, and zip code.

9. Inernational User Notice

For Inernational Userss, Pleasing NOTE That it may be Nessecary to Transfers Inernationally and, in particular, may be Transfersred to and Processed in the Untied Statehood. The laws in the U.S. regarding Personally may be Different From the laws of Statehood or country. Any Transferss will comply WITH Safeguard as Required by law. If applic, you may a Right to Claims Compersation for Requiting caUsed by a breach of data ion laws. By Uses the s, you agree to Used and Transfersred to the Untied Statehood as set forth in this Policies-makers-makers-makers.

10. Users in the European Union (EEA) and Schweiz

If you are a Residingnt of the EEA or Schweiz, the Following applies.

Purposes of Processing and Law-abiding Basis for Processing: As Explains Above, we Process Personally data in Various ways depending use of our s. We Process Personally data on the Following Law-abiding bases: (1) WITH con; (2) as Nessecary to Performed our Agree to provide s; and (3) as Nessecary for our Interests in providing the s Whither Those Interests do not ride Rights and freedom related to data

Right to Lodge a : Users That Residing in the EEA or Schweiz the Right to Lodge a about our data ion and Processing Action WITH the Supervisory Authorative concerned. Detail for data ion Authorative are Availability here.

Transfers: Personally we may be Transfersred to, and and Processed in, the Untied Statehood or any Othering country in we or our or Sub-contractors Mending facilities. the Starting of Enforcement of the Generaal Protectionally Regulations (), we will ensure That Transferss of Personally to a country or an Inernational Orgnaization are Subject to Appropriator Safeguard as described in ARTICLE 46 of the .

Individual Rights: If you are a Residingnt of the EEA or Schweiz, you are Entitled to the Following Rights once the becomes Effectiveness. Pleasingss NOTE: In to verify idEntity, we may require you to provide us WITH Personally Sub-Sub-prior to ing any Records about you.

• The Right to data erasure. You the Right to data erased From our s if the data is no longer Nessecary for the Intent for it was ed, you WITHdraw con and no Othering Law-abiding Basis for Processing exists, or you Beleive Rights to data and ion outweigh our Interest in continuing the Processing.

• The Right to restrict or Object to our Processing. You the Right to restrict or Object to our Processing if we are Processing data BASEDGOD on Interests or the Performedance of a task in the Publical Interest as an Exercises of Functionary Authorative (Includeonly profiling); Uses data for direct MKTG (Includeonly profiling); or Processing data for Intents of Scientific or HiStory research and statistics.


If you any Unasks about or Security at the s, or wish to UpDates , Pleasing an Reply-To to @townsquaremedia.com or write to us at: Townsquare Media, Inc., ATTN: Provacy, 240 Green Ave., Green, CT 06830, Fax: 1 (800) 301-6408, and include name, Address and Reply-To Address in the Messagees. You may CALL us at 1 (203) 861-0900.

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