These 19 Things Are Stopping You From Being Rich

These 19 Things Are Stopping You From Being Rich


We are here to tell you that you are probably taking all the wrong steps to becoming a millionaire.

How do we know?

Well, American journalist and author Napoleon Hill has done some research into getting rich and has been trying to uncover the key to being wealthy.

After studying over 500 self-made millionaires over 20 years (wow!) it’s certain that he has found some interesting results into what can help, and what can ruin, your quest to getting rich.

He has pinpointed and explored the things that cause people to fail when they try to gain a better financial status.

Dreaming of that luxury mansion to call your home? Or looking for your next big tropical island getaway but just can’t afford it?

Perhaps these are the things that are holding you back.

Take advice from Hill and use his tips to try and get to your ultimate rich goal!

1. Not Having A Purpose


In order to get rich you have to have a savings goal in mind. Then build up a plan of how you’re going to get to that goal!


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