Dream Rooms Around The World

Dream Rooms Around The World


While coming back to your own bed after a trip is sometimes the most comforting thing there is, we all get a little bored with our domestic habitats, sometimes. We dream of more untamed architectures, of wild views – of a place where guests come over and ooh and ahh at everything. Sometimes those fantasies are a little abstract, so we made them easier by compiling a list of the coolest rooms to ever exist, and they’ll absolutely stun you.

1. When we think of a garden, we think of a homely little cottage, or some housewife’s neurotic compulsion. Instead, this is a magnificently modern take that juts out in a glass surrounded greenhouse of sorts, while you can dine in a minimal, exposed brick aesthetic below. All the Pinterest dreams coming true.

2. There’s nothing more raw and fulfilling than being directly connected to nature as you sleep. These lovely geometric windows make the rainforest closer than ever, right next to your bedside. Nature’s beautiful simplicity at its finest.

3. Even those without space can live a fancy life. This gravity-defying office is so minimal yet efficient, every home office should be modeled after it! The floating chairs and lofty view let you simulate that high-up office feeling any time.

4. This spacious dwelling has the most creative reading nook we’ve ever seen. You can live like Spiderman if you have this mesh take on a hammock. Why chill on the ground when the ceiling is so much more exciting?


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