18 Reasons You Shouldn’t Get Married Before You Turn 30

18 Reasons You Shouldn’t Get Married Before You Turn 30


reasons-you-shouldnt-get-married-before-you-turn-30-01 A lot of girls fantasize about their perfect weeding, their perfect husband, and what their life as a perfect wife will look like. They’re often twenty-something in that fantasy. No one dreams about dating losers for a decade before finding the guy that is actually marriage material. But you need to understand that you’re not marriage material yet either, as a lot of clueless guys your age aren’t. Your 20’s are all about figuring that out. There’s nothing negative about waiting; here’s why you should shrug off the stigma and pressure to tie to knot.

1. People pretend like it’s some sort of vital milestone on an invisible checklist that you need to complete. In reality, three are so many other fulfilling milestones that don’t require you finding your future husband, and you should set those for yourself rather than feeling as though being single in your 20s is something negative.

2. If you throw a wedding in your 30s, your other friends will have their shit together enough to afford an awesome destination wedding, or some other party that they might be broke to go in their 20s (and you probably will be too).


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