22 Extreme Places On Earth That Will Shock You

22 Extreme Places On Earth That Will Shock You


Planet Earth is a strange and wonderful place, and no matter how much you travel, you could never experience it all.

Luckily for you, we’ve put together this list of 22 of the most extreme places on Earth.

We’ll be showing you the happiest place to live, as well as the most expensive. You’ll be petrified of the smallest place in the world, you’ll sweat at the hottest, and the flattest place on Earth will make you question whether the world is actually flat.

The coldest inhabited place in the world: Oymyakon, Russia.


When you think it’s cold where you live, just imagine living here, where winter temperatures can drop to as low as -58°F (-50°C). Back in 1942, the lowest recorded temperature for the town reached a chilling -96.16°F (-71.2°C).


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