This Photographer Was Far Out At Sea When He Was Given A...

This Photographer Was Far Out At Sea When He Was Given A Terrifying Surprise


It”s a good thing that wildlife photographer Dale Frink can swim. Last summer, Frink chartered a small boat as the lone passenger for a whale watching trip in San Diego. Eventually, he and the captain came across a group of blue whales feeding in the open ocean. After some time, the captain lost track of the whales beneath the surface. As Frink and the captain tried to determine their location, their boat wandered too close to the feeding animals. One of the whales suddenly surfaced right behind the boat, throwing it off balance. Another whale surfaced off the right side seconds later and tipped the vessel over.

Frink had a front-facing GoPro camera mounted to the boat during the trip. Check out the harrowing footage he was able to capture.

(via Storyful)

Both Frink and the captain survived with just a few bumps and bruises. Shortly after the incident, another whale watching boat that witnessed the whole ordeal and came by to pick both men up. Though it was an accident, this incident goes to show that you should never underestimate the power of the ocean.

For more amazing wildlife photography, be sure to visit Dale Frink”s personal website.


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