Wednesday, November 14, 2018
Diet With Raw Food Perfect Choice For Weight Loss

Diet With Raw Food Perfect Choice For Weight Loss


Proponents of raw foods propagate consumption of fresh and processed foods of plant origin . The theory of this idea is based on the idea that food should not be exposed to temperatures greater than 50 degrees, because on that way are losing important enzymes , allowing better absorption of nutrients from food. Also with this type of diet is maintained sour base balance in the body . Processed foods and foods with animal origin acidify the body that make us to be susceptible to disease

There is only one scientific study which deals with the impact of diet with raw foods on the body . German doctors have followed the health situation of the Germans who ate raw food three years . Some of the respondents were vegetarian and some of them and ate raw meat . After a while, at a third of them was noted a chronic power shortages . Half of women have lost their menstrual cycle , and some of them had irregular cycles . They concluded that this condition was caused because of low caloric foods .Diet With Raw Food - Perfect Choice For Weight Loss

To whom is this diet intended

Except for improving immunity, raw foods showed good results in diabetes and cardiovascular disease , which is a logical result of the diet without refined sugars and animal fats . However, raw food can prevent and cure difficult diseases such as cancer. The key is in important ingredient in the food that nutritionists do not give much of importance, and that are enzymes active substances in plants that participate in digestion. Our body also produces enzymes and they have a vital role in many important processes in the body

Daily menu

Morning breakfast: Every day start with warm lemonade, grapefruit or fruit shake or pudding.

Lunch: marinated vegetables and lettuce, or soup and pate with crackers.

Afternoon breakfast: fresh vegetable juice.

Dinner: a big portion of lettuce, with the addition of olives, cucumbers, tomatoes.

Evening breakfast: fruit shakes, fresh fruit and biscuits.


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