Wednesday, November 14, 2018
Ancient Tibetan Recipes For Good Health And Long Life

Ancient Tibetan Recipes For Good Health And Long Life


Tibetan medicine is one of the oldest herbal medicine solution in the world. It is based on herbs. Some cure was containing more than hundred ingredients. The recipes that we present you contain usual ingredients like garlic, ginger, lemons and honey. They are used for cleaning the body of toxins, relaxing and rejuvenation.

Tibetan drink for healthy heart and blood vessels

This Cure used for cleaning vessels from fatty deposits and
prevent heart attacks.

Ingredients: 1 kg lemon , 300 grams garlic


Grind the lemon and the garlic. Put the mixture in 1.5 l water and boil 15 minutes. After boiling put the mixture in a jar and close it.

Use: Take half decil-iters on an empty stomach for 25 days. Take a break for ten days, then repeat the procedure. For healing, you should take this cure until you feel better, with the pause of ten days.

Tibetan tea for relaxing

This cure is for relaxing and stress relieving and it is believed that prolongs life.

Ingredients: 5 g grated ginger , 1 tablespoon lemon juice , 2 tablespoons honey , Little bit of hot pepper , Little bit anise

Preparation: Put 2 L water to boil. When the water cools put all the ingredients.

Use: Drink a little during all day, or drink one cup before every meal.


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