Herbs against the Side Effects of Chemotherapy: Ginger Reduces Nausea, Nettle the...

Herbs against the Side Effects of Chemotherapy: Ginger Reduces Nausea, Nettle the Anemia, Artichoke Protects the Liver


The unpleasant side effects of chemotherapy and radiation: fatigue, vomiting, loss of appetite, muscle aches and joint pain can be mitigated by folk remedies that are made from ginger, nettle, raspberry leaf…

Statistics show that the number of people affected by cancer every year is rising dramatically. According to the World Health Organization estimates for 2030, the number of cancer patients in very developed countries (like the US and the EU) will increase by more than one-third, while in underdeveloped will grow almost double.Herbs against the Side Effects of Chemotherapy Ginger Reduces Nausea, Nettle the Anemia, Artichoke Protects the Liver

Even though, modern medicine in recent years has greatly advanced, there is still no real answer to this scourge. Treatment is continued, consists of surgical removal of the tumor, radiation and chemotherapy.

One thing is cured, and another one is destroyed

Unfortunately, the drugs used in chemotherapy (anti-cancer drugs), even though they help in the destruction of malignant cells and slow the spread of a malignant process, they also have a host of unpleasant side effects that further burden the already exhausted body.

First to be affected are the cells of the hair roots, which is why almost all people who undergo chemotherapy lose their hair. In addition, the hurt and the blood cells, bone marrow, mucous membranes in the mouth, esophagus, stomach, intestines… Fortunately this damage is usually transient and in most cases leads to tissue regeneration.

Almost all patients who undergo chemotherapy experience nausea, vomiting, pain in muscles and bones, fatigue, loss of appetite…

The doctor oncologist determines the combination of drugs that will have maximum effect cause the least side effects. In addition, the oncologists, along with chemotherapy, to prescribe medication that will at least soothe the unwanted effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

How much the herbs can help us

Although official medicine has not yet been officially confirmed that a medicinal plant can mitigate the consequences of chemotherapy and radiation, the small number of patients who after chemotherapy and radiation will start using some folk remedies: usually these various teas and tea blends, and bee products alone or in combination with herbs.

Artichoke keeps the liver

Since the liver is the organ responsible for processing of drugs, it is clear that chemotherapy with all its adverse consequences affects her. Drugs used in the treatment of cancerous diseases, first slow the recovery of the liver, which can adversely affect the work of the whole organism. It is therefore recommended that, after the end of chemotherapy, be sure to implement Herbal Therapy of artichokes. Cure is taken in a way that 5 ml of artichoke poured into half a glass of water, half an hour before a meal, and also 2-3 times per day. Not recommended taking this therapy during the course of chemotherapy as there may be a contraindication.

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