4 Simple Golden Rules To Lose Weight

4 Simple Golden Rules To Lose Weight


Dont like to be call Fat?

Dont like to look clothes with XXL tag anymore?

Dont worry. Bellow there are 4 basic rules that will help your body to stay fit.

I was weighting obesity for a couple of years. I was tired of my look and tired of 60 pounds more each time I stood over a scale, and I convinced myself that my life will be much simpler if I had ideal body type or perfect waist size and perfect thin and lean look.4 Simple Golden Rules To Lose Weight

Maybe I would have been able to accept myself and my body if Instead of being born big-boned if I had been born with a slimmer body. Maybe if I had thinner waist size, society would have been able to accept me and not my body, and people wouldnt criticize me of called me fat.

But I realized that hating my body wont be a big help. Then I started restrictive diets and rough exercise regimes with hope to lose weight. I thought that I wasnt far away from perfect body. Maybe this sounds as happy end to fight obesity. But this was not the end. I will call this beginning of my story.

Starting with diets and exercises didnt bring any hope in my life. All of my diets dialed. The exercises bounced back. I started to find comport in food. My self-confident decreased as the intake of comfort-foods increased.

Then I was again at the beginning. I could think of myself being stuck in some sort of vicious cycle, cycle of self-abuse from which I was running away for some time.

Understanding that I had put myself through a lot of anguish, I set out on an excursion to locate the other way. Understanding that consuming less calories was just separating my body and not giving any genuine arrangement, I felt the need to recuperate my body normally.

Then that I invented these 4 basic rules, attempted and tried by me, that will help to get fit normally and feel awesome. As you may already know! These guidelines dont discuss consuming less calories or starving your body. These are basic rules that can be trailed by anybody just to shed pounds for good.

  1. Eat consciously

Be careful with what you fill your stomach. It is vital to have a look of what you consume and how quite a bit of it do you consume.

When I look back at the time I was fat, I realized that I ate when I was stresses or when I was feeling too emotional /distracted.

So as to recuperate my body I felt the most extreme need to look what I eat. I turned out to be more aware of my diet. Have consideration on my body needs, and slowed down with eating.

Here are ways which will help you as well to eat consciously:

  • You should have meals only seated at a table. (Cutlery can be made use of if necessary)
  • You should always remember giving thanks to the sustenance of the given food
  • You should chew your meals slow. It has big importance to enjoy your food and avoid eating fast
  • You should have habit to take pauses to appreciate the colors, flavors and the textures of the food.

And here is the step number 2.


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