The Natural Cure for Herpes

The Natural Cure for Herpes


How many times have you felt herpes coming out when you have fever? In addition to the pain and tingling, herpes is also an aesthetic problem as it must be covered, disguised, and when it is smeared over acyclovir or zinc paste (ointment for herpes that you usually get from a pharmacy) leaves white stains on the face, because it is a thick fat white. Herpes is a consequence of infection with Herpes simplex virus and is most common in the area of the mouth (herpes labialis).

This virus is transmitted by direct physical contact, such as a hug, a kiss, and using the same cutlery or personal hygiene etc.The Natural Cure for Herpes

At the time of infection with Herpes, even if there are or there arent any symptoms, there is always visible fever herpes. Most people get infected with herpes in their childhood, without even knowing. After transmission, the virus usually remains hidden in the nerve near the mouth or nose, waiting for its five minutes. When a person is infected, the virus is constantly present in the body, and emerges on the lips when there is a low immune system, after a cold, flu or other infections, and as a result of exposure to excessive stress, sun, and in some women during menstruation or hormonal disorders.

When you feel that your herpes is breaking out, the most effective thing is to immediately commence with the implementation of antiviral drugs locally; propolis, garlic, lemon balm tincture and raise your immunity with the help of Echinacea, propolis, zinc … Some doctors recommend vitamin B complex in mega doses, and some patients have confirmed that it is indeed an effective solution. If the use of these remedies begins as soon as you feel the outbreak of herpes, it can be prevented or cleared completely, and if it had erupted, will surely contribute to its rapid withdrawal. With herpes, as well as other viral infections, there is no point taking antibiotic because antibiotics do not work on viruses. But how to treat herpes naturally, or what are the natural remedies for herpes? In this article you can read a few natural recipes that can be effective in the fight against herpes:

Garlic with honey Make a mixture of finely grated 3 large cloves of garlic and 100 g of honey. With this mixture lubricate the infected parts.

3% Hydrogen Frequently rinse the infected parts of the skin with 3% hydrogen peroxide.


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