The Emotions Are Written On Your Body: See How They Affect the...

The Emotions Are Written On Your Body: See How They Affect the Eyes, Ears, Hair, Heart, Back…


When you think about it, how much you are afraid or how much you believe or do not believe, how much you are willing to fight and agree to all that is written on the body.

Such a description of pain or diseases and disorders may help you understand your body and your thoughts better and their association. Of course that every man is an individual for himself, but the following applies for most:

Headaches appear when you punish yourself. Migraines are common in those who want to be perfect and they create the pressure under which they live. There is also a lot of repressed anger.The Emotions Are

Sinuses if they make a problem, it may be that someone very close to you irritates you a lot. You may have the feeling that it is picking on you.

The eyes eye troubles indicate that there is something about themselves, their past or the future you do not want to see. Denial and the desire to do not watch what is happening, causes problems with the sense of vision.

Hearing problems demonstrate that there is something you do not want to hear. Pain in the ear reflects the anger in you because of what you have heard. (Have you noticed that the partner of the person that talks a lot has a hearing problem?)

Hair is power. When you are tense and frightened, creating a steel shackles starting in the muscles of the shoulder and extending towards the top of the head, and sometimes the eye area. Hair grows at the top and if there is tension that lasts longer, the scalp was collected, the hair cannot breathe and therefore dies and falls. Baldness occurs.

Head when something is wrong with your head, it means that you feel that there is something wrong with you. You are showing your head to the world and they recognize you through it.


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