Baking Soda Miracle for the Beauty and Health

Baking Soda Miracle for the Beauty and Health


Sodium bicarbonate, which is popularly known as baking soda, is widely applied in: cooking, washing, treatments, cosmetics … We can call it the dust with the miraculous effect, because it has been determined that even helps in the treatment of certain serious diseases. Therapy with baking soda according to Dr. Simoncini

Doctor Simoncini, an Italian oncologist, recommended the use of baking soda without the supplements or pharmaceutical aluminum baking soda to treat cancer.

How the therapy works: the soda drastically increases the alkalinity of the blood, which destroys the Candida (which according to the theory of Dr. Simonicini causes cancer).

Below are a few examples of how and for what this powder is good:Baking Soda Miracle for the Beauty and Health

Mosquito bites can be very unpleasant, however, you will solve the pain, if you apply a paste that you have made of water and baking soda, on the wound.

Baking soda is good for burns treatment Put some soda on a damp cloth and apply it on the burn.

Also useful against a strong and unpleasant smell of sweat. Soak gauze with water and baking soda and place it under the armpits. The unpleasant odors will disappear.

It is used in the fight against the famous fungus Candida albicans (Candida) and depending on where it is the solution of water and baking soda should be purged or drinked. Conventional anti-fungal drugs do not work, because Candida quickly mutates to defend itself, even begins to feed with the drug, which was intended to kill her. Unlike other remedies, Candida cannot adjust to baking soda. Ancient Egyptians also knew of the effect of anti fungal medications, and Indian literature for the treatment of cancer recommended drugs with strong basic properties, such as baking soda.

Daily preventive (and therapeutic) consuming of baking soda is an invaluable contribution to the maintenance of overall vitality and good health.


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