15 Celebrity Tricks to Stop Wrinkles

15 Celebrity Tricks to Stop Wrinkles


It’s no secret that Sofia Vergara , Jennifer Lopez, Christie Brinkley and Kim Cattrall are all gorgeous women. Flawless skin, dazzling smiles, it’s like they’re just perfect. Well guess what! It takes lots of work to look like them… not to mention lots of money! It’s more than just cleansing and moisturizing, although those thing help. The constant struggle to have to look the best at all times push some celebrities to do some pretty strange things. Want to know how your favorite celebs always look so perfect all the time? Here are some traditional and some not so traditional ways they’re looking younger and better than ever.



Sunscreen / Sun glasses

Nicole Kidman is notorious for staying out of the sun. You could even go as far as say she’s terrified of it! You will always catch her with big floppy hats and sunglasses to protect that beautiful skin of hers. Shakira say, If you go out put on sunscreen and lots of it! As a matter of fact, she applies sunscreen on multiple times a day!


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