Rest in LOL 15 Funeral Fails

Rest in LOL 15 Funeral Fails


Though the word FUN has been at the beginning of the word FUNeral for countless years now, funerals traditionally have been anything but fun. I mean, theres usually a dead person in a coffin, and a bunch of sad people, and really depressing outfits. That sounds about as much fun as being forced to watch a Saved by the Bell marathon sober. So can you blame people for wanting to get the party started and have a good time at a funeral? Why does death have to be such a downer?

Get ready to LOL at these 15 funeral fails.

Does this dead lady make my a** look fat? No doubt this photo of Ashley posing next to her recently departed grandmother made it onto her Facebook page. The really tragic thing about this photo is that the old dead ladys makeup looks much, much better and her smile also seems more natural.


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