Huffin and Puffin These 15 Celebs are Secret Smokers

Huffin and Puffin These 15 Celebs are Secret Smokers


Since the beginning of time, it seems, celebrities have been idolized by us mere mortals. We watch their every move and try to mimicking them in every way so we can feel as sexy, gorgeous, smart, and sophisticated and not have to deal with the fact we are actually quite ordinary and live dull lives. (oh, just us?) We wear the same clothes, use the same makeup and haircare products they use, we even try to smell like they do (well, some of them). But some celebrities have vices that none of us should pick up and claim as our own smoking being one of them. Smoking used to be cool in Hollywood but not so much anymore, which is why many celebs hide the fact that they do it from fans.

Here are 15 celebrities that are secret smokers.

Kristen Stewart


Kristen Stewart seems like she was born a badass. She just oozes a certain kind of toughness and bad girl persona, both on the screen and off, that is appealing to the masses. Sadly, in real life she is very much like many of her independent film characters, complex, troubled, and a smoker. Hopefully she will quit soon before the cigarettes ruin her gorgeous face.


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