30 Fabulous and Easy to Make DIY Hair Bows

30 Fabulous and Easy to Make DIY Hair Bows


Every little girl loves an adorable bow in her hair. Unfortunately, those little bows can add up to big money, unless of course you make them yourself. We have found a wonderful collection of beautiful little bows that you can make for your little princess and many of them cost less than $1 to create.30 Fabulous and Easy to Make DIY Hair Bows
Even if you dont have a little girl, these are great for gifts. If you have nieces or granddaughters or you just need something for birthdays or the upcoming holidays, you can easily create these stunning bows and have a wonderful gift to share.

Even if your little one doesnt have enough hair to hold a bow, many of these can be attached to headbands and then you can just remove them from the headband when she gets older and use it in her hair. These are easy, adorable and very cheap to make so find your favorites or just make them all if you want.

Colorful Loop Bow

Colorful Loop Bow - 30 Fabulous and Easy to Make DIY Hair BowsThis adorable bow can be made in any color or any combination of colors. You just need ribbons in a few different sizes, a hot glue gun and something to adorn the center, as well as a clip. You just form the ribbons into flower loops and attach them all together. This is a beautiful bow that can be made in a number of different sizes depending on how much ribbon you use, so its great for any occasion. Instructions Theturquoisepiano

Flower Bow

Flower Bow - 30 Fabulous and Easy to Make DIY Hair BowsFlowers are great for all occasions and you can make a flower bow really easily. You just need a piece of ribbon around four inches long and a bit of sewing supplies. This is a really easy project and you can make different bows using different colored ribbons. Remember to choose something special to adorn the center. Instructions Littlebirdiesecrets

Ribbon Flower

Ribbon Flower - 30 Fabulous and Easy to Make DIY Hair BowsThis is another take on a flower bow and it is made with ribbon. You can adorn the middle of the bow with buttons, character pins or anything else that you want and these are so easy that you can make more than one for different occasions. Use red or green ribbon and add a whimsical snowman for the holidays or choose any color and adornment that suits your occasion. Instructions Theribbonretreat

No-Slip Bows for Babies

No-Slip  Bows for Babies - 30 Fabulous and Easy to Make DIY Hair Bows
Even if your little girl has fine or very little hair, there are bows that you can make for her that will not slip. This is a traditional looking bow with a twist. You add no-slip liner to the inside to keep it in place. The liner is what you would use in cupboards to keep cups or other items from slipping. This works great on bows and the traditional bow is really easy. Instructions Makeit-loveit

Halloween Korker Bows

Halloween Korker Bows - 30 Fabulous and Easy to Make DIY Hair Bows
Ok, so Halloween is coming up pretty quickly and if you want something special for your little girl to wear trick or treating, a homemade bow is a great choice. These little curly korker bows are adorable and really easy to create. You can add a slew of different colors to make them really stand out or just use basic Halloween shades, whatever you prefer. Instructions Brooklynsbows

Yarn Bow

Yarn Bow - 30 Fabulous and Easy to Make DIY Hair Bows
This petite yarn bow is really attractive and can be made in so many different ways. You can use whatever colors you want and even mix and match if you want it to be really colorful. You will need an adornment for the center and a clip. You basically just wind the yarn around your fingers and then tie it together. Its easy and you can make several from one spool of yarn. Instructions Craftsnob

Five Petal Flower Bow

Five Petal Flower Bow - 30 Fabulous and Easy to Make DIY Hair Bows
This little bow is really easy to make, although it doesnt look it. It is a beautiful flower with five petals made from yarn or fabric. You will need to cut the ribbon to make it rounded on the ends and then just sew it together. Add embellishments in the center or leave it plain, it looks great either way. Instructions Ribbonflowers

Disney Princess Ribbon Bows

Disney Princess Ribbon Bows - 30 Fabulous and Easy to Make DIY Hair Bows
Every little girl loves the Disney princesses and you can make your little one a bow in her favorite character. You just need ribbon, hot glue and a barrette or clip. These are relatively easy to make so you can make all of her favorite characters. These would be great for birthday parties to hand out to little girls who attend as party favors. Instructions Entirelysmitten

Thanksgiving Turkey Bow

Thanksgiving Turkey Bow - 30 Fabulous and Easy to Make DIY Hair Bows
What could be more perfect for Thanksgiving than a turkey hair bow? These cute little bows are really easy to make. You will need brown, yellow, green and orange ribbon as well as a hot glue gun and a few other key supplies. If your little one doesnt have enough hair for a clip, just attach it to a headband. Instructions Codylisa

Cupcake Bow

Cupcake Bow - 30 Fabulous and Easy to Make DIY Hair Bows
Cupcake bows simply scream little girl. These are really adorable and so yummy looking. You will need grosgrain ribbon in whatever colors you want. The icing is made from korker ribbon and a little hot glue holds it all together. What an adorable clip and you can make them in any color to suit any holiday or special occasion. Instructions Girlythingsbows


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