15 Sexiest Celebrity Beach Bodies: Summer 2015

15 Sexiest Celebrity Beach Bodies: Summer 2015


The summer time is all about 3 things: what beach party are we going to, what are we going to wear and having the right body to go with it. We all seem to forget about that itty bitty teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini until it’s a little too late. Here are some of the hottest celebrities who haven’t forgotten to put down that Twinkie and have been hitting the gym all winter to give us that dream body we all want. Don’t worry if you don’t look like these babes, you still have some time to “get it right and get it tight!” Try to refrain from drooling at these hot bods!

**EXCLUSIVE** Selena Gomez shows off her figure in a pink bikini in Mexico *MUST CALL FOR PRICING*


Selena Gomez

Oh Selena, You’re just too cute! They say, if you have it flaunt it. That’s exactly what this 22 year old singer/ actress is doing! And why shouldn’t she, she has it all! Brains, body and the funds for a spur of the moment getaway in Mexico, what more could a girl ask for? Like seriously, take me next time Selena!


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